Learning they love.

Learning for life.

Helping your child develop and learn through fun and creativity.

Care and Trust

Learn. Share. Laugh. Grow

We teach

Caring. Honesty. Respect. Responsibility.

A smile is contagious. Give it to the world and the world will give back to you. You can brighten the days of people around just by smiling.

Smiling not just makes you, but even other happy. Even studies have shown that seeing someone smile activates the muscles in the face, making the same, even when you are not aware of it. Isn’t that crazy?

Our Mission

Welcome to First Bloom Group Family Daycare where your child will develop into a unique flower. We are a residential childcare service located in The Bronx, NY with over 10 years of experience. Established in October 2008.

Our Mission is to provide families with a quality environment, educated and experience teachers and oodles of love and care for each. Every child is different and as teachers is our job to bring out the child’s best quality.


Encouraging kids to reach high

our services includes….

Learn through play​

Learning though play is something our kids really need. Learning with play makes our child enjoy learning the easy and fun way.

Nutritionist Meals and Snacks​

A nutritional meal is very essential in kids growth, they could easily absorb what they are learning with a happy tummy.

State Licensed and Certified

We are a State Certified Daycare center.

Highly Qualified Teachers

Our educators are very well qualified, you can be sure that they are provided with the best programs of learning.

Quality Care​

We give the outmost Quality care for your children to be perfectly safe and secured.

Competive Rates​

Our rates is very competitive and will give you the best value for money service.

Our Specialities

We focus on a whole-child approach to early learning supporting Social, Cognitive and Physical Growth.

Our goal is to provide families, with a quality environment, educate & experience teachers & oodles of love & care for each.

Enrollment begins for children at 3 months to 5 years old. We offer a mixed aged group classroom in addition to small class ratio.

What People are Saying

This is what our parents feedback on our daycare service.

It was very difficult for me to finda day care in the Bronx that can provide the extra curricular activities I wanted for my son, even though he was only 1 year when he started at First Bloom Group Family Day Care. The staff was very flexible with their hours, catered to my son's needs and was a pleasure to worh with. It was apparent that my son was taken well care of considering how much he loved every staff and learned so much. The owner has great communication and works with families and their needs. Thank you so much for providing an amazing care and the start of Xavier's education, it is absolutely appreciated!!
Liz Cancinos
The best place ever. Well organized and all staff are friendly and Mariela is always on top of everything. My Daughter went and was ready for school and after attending school I use her to pick up my child was always picked up on time.
Cassie Turner
Love it thank God I found this place. They take good care of my baby girl. They are like family to us. This is not a regular child care. It is more like having your child in school already. They learn a lot and have fun all day long.
Olga Carmen Justiniano Diaz
My daughters first day went great! She came home very excited and couldn't stop speaking about all the wonderful things she did at day care. She even told me she's learning sign language (she is only 3 years old) and she has many new friends! She's already dying to go back tomorrow for her second day and she's overly excited. The staff is professional and the place is very organized & clean! Would recommend 1000%
Mel Casanova

Making a difference, one child at a time.

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